Delicious fresh local Cornish produce, great to enjoy when you visit.

Cornwall is a rural county with areas that have lush green rolling hills, rich fertile farmland, and an abundance of fresh locally grown produce.  This can range from wholesome vegetables to Cyder, Spirits and homemade fare such as Pasties, Cakes, Brownies, Scones and Saffron Buns.

At Cornish Holiday we are passionate about all things Cornish and wanted to bring to your attention some of the independent farm shops who can provide that fresh, delicious, and healthy taste of Cornwall.  Who knows you may want to pay them a visit and sample some of their wonderful offerings when staying in or visiting this fabulous part of the British Isles?

We hope to see you soon and please do help support the local community while in the area.

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Date: 1st December 2020

Resugga Farm Shop.


Resugga Farm Shop (Credit – Resugga Farm Shop)

Located at St Stephens, St Austell, PL26 7RY, Tel: 07752351292

Welcome to Resugga Farm Shop!
We are a family run 500-acre dairy farm set on the outskirts of St Stephen a village in the heart of the clay county, near St Austell (Mid-Cornwall). We milk over 150 cows supplying high quality milk to Trewithen dairy.

Currently we have three generations living and working on the farm, a proper family business.

Jasmine, our youngest of the family members working on the farm, set up a small farm shop 3 years ago as a side project whilst she was studying at college. Since then the once small corner of a barn has grown to become a walk-in shop as well as a delivery service suppling local fresh fruit and veg, as well as produce from the local bakery and butchers.

We are proud to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables ourselves, making the journey from field to fork as fresh as possible. For products we do not grow we source local, with established connections with local suppliers such as Boddingtons Berries for in season Cornish strawberries! We our always expanding our range of homegrown produce and plan to grow a lot more in the future.

The Team at Resugga Farm Shop (Credit – Resugga Farm Shop)

Padstow Farm Shop.


Padstow Farm Shop (Credit – Padstow Farm Shop)

Trethillick Farm Padstow Cornwall PL28 8HJ Tel: 01841 533060

Padstow Farmshop and Butchery was established in 2006. We are now a fourth generation family living and working the land.

Our passion is home-reared, free-range and fresh.  We rear our own beef, pork and lamb and grow a variety of veg throughout the year.  As well as traditionally reared Devon Ruby Red Beef, Charolais-Suffolk-Mule cross lamb, Tamworth and Welsh White free-range pork, there is a stock of seasonally-available homegrown vegetables, salads and herbs as well as other seasonal products from local suppliers.

The store is full to the brim with Cornish products, which you may think would limit our offering.  However Cornwall is now home to an incredibly diverse range of artisan and small holding producers providing the broadest range of Cornish produced goodies like the large range of delicious Cornish cheeses and extensive selection of the best locally produced gins, sparkling wines, beers and ciders.

We have also extended to include a delicatessen which opened in 2018 serving freshly made salads, frittatas, our own ready meal pots and fresh coffee. Set in the beautifully renovated roundhouse that once housed the millstone that ground the harvested barley, the deli utilises all the wonderful produce we have for sale in the farm shop.  Daily, we home-make and prepare an array of mouth-watering seasonal deli pots: soups, casseroles and curries alongside a range of lighter options such as frittata, creative salads and accompaniments.

Year round, we offer hot baked goods in the form of award-winning St Agnes Bakery pasties and sausage rolls, not to mention barista coffee, cake and Da Bara pastries to take away.

Trevilley Farm Shop.


Trevilley Farm Shop (Credit – Trevilley farm Shop)

Trevilley Farm Shop, Trevilley Farm Lane, Newquay, TR8 4PX Tel: 01637 872310

Trevilley is a working family farm with on-site farm shop. Producing their own Beef, lamb, vegetables and turkeys, geese and multi bird rolls for Christmas. They also have quail eggs from their own quails on the farm.

In the shop, they make there our own jams, marmalades, chutneys and pickles, as well as a wide variety of produce made on a daily basis; bread, Cornish pasties (in some peoples’ opinions, the best you will ever have!), pies, quiches, sausage rolls, cake and much more! Aside from this, they sell produce from over 100 suppliers. Origin and quality are the keys to their sourcing policy. They aim to source primarily from the farm. Then wherever possible from Cornish producers, and then from other quality suppliers within the UK.

Trevilley Farm Shop (Credit – Trevilley farm Shop)

We hope that this Blog has highlighted three wonderful and unique farm shops that are all worth a visit. They are not very far from any of our properties and we are sure they will give you a very warm welcome.  It’s always worth going back again and again as they will have seasonal produce which is fresh and ripe and very probably only been picked within the last few minutes or hours, and you can’t get fresher than that!  Their home reared meat will be some of the finest in the country and with an array of other home made and locally sourced fare you are sure to be tempted.

Please if you are visiting or staying help support the local community while indulging in some fantastic local produce.

Glorious Cornwall, stay with us and you will never want to go home!

At Cornish Holiday we offer wonderful, self-catering accommodation in Cornwall. With dramatic coastlines, years of mining history, rugged moorland, attractions and theme parks there really is nowhere better to spend time and create memories which will last forever.  Our properties are inspected every year and receive a star rating by Visit England, we are also members of PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterers), a wonderful way to reassure you and give peace of mind when booking your stay.
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