Please take a look at some of our articles. We hope you will find them interesting and useful to help you enjoy your stay in Cornwall.  Feel free to read and share before, during and even after your holiday. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments if you know of somewhere in Cornwall you would like us to write about, or have some content you would like included in a blog.

Bring your Dog to the Beach.

Date: 1st September 2021

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A Writers Retreat.

Date: 17th March 2021

Cornwall has inspired many things, wonderful art, with its clear skies and wonderful light, culinary expertise with the plentiful seafood readily available in the local waters, together with an industrial history of mining and hard work.  Perhaps a little less known or publicised is its literary prowess.

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Exploring Cornish Holiday

Date: 16th February 2021

As we continue through another Lockdown we thought it would be the ideal time to let people know about our properties.  We now have three properties in our portfolio and each one has a different setting to help you pick which holiday would suit you and your family the best.

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Not just a Holiday, a Fantastic Experience.

Date: 27th January 2021

At Cornish Holiday we believe its not just about visiting beautiful Cornwall but having a great experience while you are here. Doing something or lots of things that enhances your stay and gives you memories which will last forever.

We all have different things we like doing and enjoy so we have teamed up with a whole range of organisations enabling our guests to enjoy many different and varied experiences, while also being able to receive discounts. Such things as visiting a distillery, having a go at surfing or being taken to the locations where Poldark was filmed.

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Looking beyond Covid,

Date: 13th January 2021

It’s January 2021……..

It’s January 2021 and England has been placed into its third Lockdown meaning many industries and businesses must close including the Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation in Cornwall we offer at Cornish Holiday.

There are many heroic stories from those that have gone above and beyond to help others but also unfortunately news of families losing loved ones or those suffering from depression or mental health issues due to the lack of care, support and interaction.

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Delicious fresh local Cornish produce, great to enjoy when you visit.

Date: 1st December 2020

Cornwall is a rural county with areas that have lush green rolling hills, rich fertile farmland, and an abundance of fresh locally grown produce.  This can range from wholesome vegetables to Cyder, Spirits and homemade fare such as Pasties, Cakes, Brownies, Scones and Saffron Buns.

At Cornish Holiday we are passionate about all things Cornish and wanted to bring to your attention some of the independent farm shops who can provide that fresh, delicious, and healthy taste of Cornwall.  Who knows you may want to pay them a visit and sample some of their wonderful offerings when staying in or visiting this fabulous part of the British Isles?

We hope to see you soon and please do help support the local community while in the area.

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Autumn in Cornwall – A great time to Visit

Date: 1st September 2020

With Autumn officially starting around the beginning of the third week of September it can be one of the best times to visit Cornwall. Although the children have gone back to school, and along with them the bulk of the summer holiday makers, the weather can be just as good. This can be the ideal time to get out and explore Cornwall and maybe enjoy a few highlights.

Please, read on, there is even a short video to show you what you are missing.

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Gardens, Jewels in the Crown of Cornwall

Date: 24th August 2020

Gardens, Jewels in the Crown of Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for its rugged coastline and golden beaches, but it also has some of the finest gardens in the country and arguably the world. With its temperate climate many varieties of plants, shrubs and trees thrive when elsewhere they just wouldn’t survive.

Here at Cornish Holiday we are passionate about Cornwall and all things Cornish and wanted to let you know about some of the fantastic gardens which are well worth visiting while you are in this fantastic county. Many have coffee shops and things to do for the children so they can be a real family adventure.

A favourite of ours is Glendurgan which is managed by the National Trust. Not only does this have a wonderful maze to get lost in but at the bottom of the garden you arrive at Durgan on the Helford River where you can get an ice cream and dibble your toes, if you so wish.

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Cornwall – Perfect for Fishing Holidays!

Date: 14th August 2020

Cornwall is a wonderful county which offers so much. If you are a keen angler, then this is a fantastic county to visit. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Coarse Fishing, Fly Fishing, Beach Fishing or Rock Fishing, Cornwall offers it all.
Why not take a trip down to Cornwall and enjoy the fresh air, great scenery and your favourite pastime?
We hope to see you soon.

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