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Looking beyond Covid,

It’s January 2021……..

It’s January 2021 and England has been placed into its third Lockdown meaning many industries and businesses must close including the Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation in Cornwall we offer at Cornish Holiday.

There are many heroic stories from those that have gone above and beyond to help others but also unfortunately news of families losing loved ones or those suffering from depression or mental health issues due to the lack of care, support and interaction.

Date: 13th January 2021

We recognise what a difficult time this is and how with the continuing months rolling by that the Virus seems to keep spreading through the population it can seem quite a bleak and dark time.  So, we thought we would come up with a blog ‘Looking beyond Covid’ to remember how things were before and what we can all look forward to in what will probably be only a matter of months thanks to the fabulous work of the scientists creating vaccines in such a short space of time.  Let’s focus on the positives and see if we can lift just a few spirits.

So how should we go about this?

Well let’s look back and remember and then let’s look to the future and the exciting, fun times ahead!

A picture (credit Pxhere) representing where we are currently with restrictions.  The image is of Cinema goers socially distanced and sharing Popcorn.


Remember those warm sunny days when you and the family could spend the day on the beach, splashing about in the sea, building sandcastles, digging holes, playing ball or perhaps cricket. There didn’t seem to be a care in the world, and you could get close to friends and family hugging and greeting when you all got together.

Perhaps you spent your time taking leisurely walks along the rugged and awe-inspiring cliffs marvelling at the power of nature and the force of the sea. Wondering how centuries ago engine houses and mine works could be perched precariously on the cliff edge while the brave and fearless miners toiled hundreds of feet below often below sea level.

If you prefer a little peace and quiet perhaps you spent time fishing, possibly off the cliffs, taking a small boat out or relaxing by a lake, letting the world pass you by and just enjoying the surroundings and sounds of bird song and nature which is always close at hand.

In the evening perhaps you went to a fine dining restaurant and tasted the delicacies served by a Michelin starred chef, or perhaps your preference is a traditional Cornish pub where the locals while away the hours with many a story and legend.  Let’s remember………….


(Picture credit – Pxhere)

Remember the days when we could all go to the beach and not worry about social distancing or how close we got to anyone.

Picture credit (Cornish Holiday)

Remember when you could hug a loved one.

(Picture credit – Cornish Holiday)

Remember when you could go to a concert and be sat shoulder to shoulder with someone you didn’t know.

We are nearly there………

With the vaccine now being rolled out there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It has seemed an eternity since we first learnt about Covid-19 and everyone has been through a lot. But it’s not forever and very soon, very, very soon it will all be behind us and our lives will become just as full, relaxed and interactive as they always were. Undoubtedly some things will have changed forever and possibly for the better or worse in some eyes, but we will have certainly learnt a lot.

We will look back I am certain while enjoying a meal with friends and family remembering the lockdowns, the limitations on our lives and very sadly some will remember loved ones who are no longer with us, but as a whole things will be back along the lines that they once were, although possibly with a few adaptations.

(Picture credit – Pxhere)

A needle representing the vaccine and light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking forward………

So let’s look forward, it may only be just a few short weeks or months when the limits placed on our lives are lifted and we can have some kind of normality back.
Looking forward is an important part of staying strong, we have come this far so instead of allowing another lockdown to cast a shadow over the future, let’s think about the positives, focus and plan the future.
Such positives as:-
 We are probably closer to, have spoken and interacted more and generally in touch with our neighbours more than ever before.
 Staying in touch with friends we haven’t seen for ages. Though we are not seeing them in person as life slows a little, we are finding time to contact (albeit remotely) with them to check they are OK.
 Acts of kindness are everywhere if you look for them. Checking on a neighbour or friend, delivering or collecting something. Volunteering to help in some way, deliver/administer the vaccine as it is rolled out or deliver a food parcel etc.
 Helping the environment. During lockdowns the emissions, etc affecting the planet have dropped so less global warming, less smog and better air quality.
 Recognising the strength, durability and shear outstanding brilliance of the NHS and other essential key workers.
 We can plan and look forward. Imagine that wonderful holiday or trip away. You can book that today and even if you don’t go until mid or late 2021 or even 2022 the thrill of planning and looking forward will help carry you through.

(Picture credit – Pxhere)

A glass of wine to help us look forward and relax on the trip away we are planning.

Planning and being excited…………

So let’s start planning, sort out that trip or holiday that we want to look forward to. It may be that we can’t go abroad this year and instead have a staycation. There are some wonderful places offering fantastic views, activities, entertainment, and excitement in the UK. Whatever kind of trip or holiday you would like it’s out there just waiting for you to book it.

If you cannot go or are in lockdown most organisations will either reschedule your dates or refund you. At Cornish Holiday we promise that if you have booked direct with us through our website we will gladly move your dates or refund you in full if you can’t go due to Covid.

We hope we have given you a few thoughts and helped you feel a little brighter and realise there is lots to look forward to. If we have inspired, you to book a stay away or you feel you would like to find out more or we can help in any way then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

(Picture Credit – Pxhere)

Porthtowan Beach for that Summer escape. (Credit – Cornish Holiday)

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