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Cornwall has inspired many things, wonderful art, with its clear skies and wonderful light, culinary expertise with the plentiful seafood readily available in the local waters, together with an industrial history of mining and hard work.  Perhaps a little less known or publicised is its literary prowess.

Date: 17th March 2021

There have been some great novels and stories come out of Cornwall with world-famous writers calling this fascinating, dramatic, and wonderful county home.  The likes of Daphne Du Maurier, Rosamunde Pilcher, The poet Sir John Betjeman, Derek Tangye, and W.J. Burley.

Along with this there are many novels which are set in Cornwall, the likes of ‘Poldark’ by Winston Graham, ‘Peril at End House’ by Agatha Christie, ‘The Camomile Lawn’ by Mary Wesley and ‘Notes from the Exhibition’ by Patrick Gale.

A book in the sand (Credit – Pxhere)

Perhaps you are a keen writer, would like to research where novels and stories have been set, looking for inspiration, and lets be honest where else offers dramatic cliffs, crashing waves, clear skies and a climate to die for.  Possibly you are simply looking for peace and quiet where you can put pen to paper or perhaps finger to keyboard to start that next best seller

Looking for Inspiration (Credit – Pxhere)

Whatever your link and love with literature, you can do far worse than spend time in Cornwall creating that special piece of escapism.  Inspiration is never far away, with its dramatic cliffs, crashing waves, wonderful sunsets and ruined engine houses perched precariously on the edge of a cliff looking as if with a simple crash of a wave they will disappear never to be seen again, obviously that’s not the case as they have been there for hundreds of years.

Crown Mines at Botallack (Credit – Pixhere)

Crown Mines at Botallack (Credit – Pxhere)

When staying at a Cornish Holiday property you will have the whole property to be able to spend as much time there as you would like writing and crafting your piece of escapism.  Alternatively, you may like to go exploring with your note book and pen imagining a dramatic cliff rescue or tragedy at sea.  Perhaps it’s a love story which is truly romantic as the sun sets over the horizon.  It could be all of this or totally different, what’s certain is if you stop, look and soak up the atmosphere while letting your mind run free inspiration is everywhere around you when in Cornwall.

If you are staying at Bodannon in Porthtowan, you could explore nearby Truro with its fabulous cathedral giving gothic inspiration, or perhaps use Porthtowan itself as the small seaside village setting. Alternatively wander out of the front door and along the cliffs to imagine a tranquil summer evening or perhaps a violent winter storm with the waves crashing against the rugged, jagged rocks.  As your imagination takes hold it might be that there is stricken tanker waiting to be rescued by a lifeboat which looks like a toy as it approaches the lifeless vessel being tossed and turned by the power of the sea.

The Cliffs at Porthtowan (Credit – Cornish Holiday)

When taking inspiration from a stay at Meadow Rise, it would be easy to wander around the small market town, taking in the gothic features of the buildings and imagining the hustle and bustle of days gone by. It’s a rural community where life revolved around farming or the local china clay mines just a stones throw away at St Austell.  Imagine if you will working all day in an open mine digging and working the China Clay, and then coming home as white as snow from top to bottom from the dust.  Jumping in a tin bath in front of the fire before heading down the pub for a drink to wash away the feeling of grit, dust and clay which you have spent all day breathing in and is now lodge in your throat.

Ring of Bells - St Columb Major. A very old English pub with fantastic food. (Credit Cornish Holiday)

The Ring of Bells – The oldest pub in St Columb Major (Credit – Cornish Holiday)

Hengar Manor is the perfect place to take inspiration for a story about a family on holiday.  Located on the Hengar Manor Country Park, this is a setting of holiday homes with facilities such as Tennis, Indoor Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Bar etc.  Imagine that you decide to take on the escape room which is located in the cellar of the old mansion which is steeped in history.  But somethings gone wrong, the Cellar is not just an escape room but a portal which takes you back in time.  When you work out the clues and find your way out you find you have been taken back in time and are now in amongst the workings of the servants who are doing everything possible to please the lord and lady of the house.  Life was vastly different then, no electricity, open fires and transport by horse drawn carriage.

A tantalising glimpse through the trees of the Mansion at Hengar Manor  (Credit – Cornish Holiday)

So you see whichever property you would like to stay at, inspiration for writing is all around you.  You can shut yourself away in your warm cosy accommodation and create your very own best seller, or alternatively you can get out and about soaking up all the ideas and inspiration which is everywhere.  Don’t forget to take your camera, pencil and notepad with you to get every last detail down.

Any time of year is fantastic, the summer may spark feelings of those lazy, fun and exciting family holidays which you can then capture on paper or alternatively out of season embrace the feeling of tranquillity, danger or daring.  The only limitation is your imagination.  We would love to welcome you to one of our properties and hear how you got on.

Glorious Cornwall, stay with us and you will never want to go home!

At Cornish Holiday we offer wonderful, self-catering accommodation in Cornwall. With dramatic coastlines, years of mining history, rugged moorland, attractions and theme parks there really is nowhere better to spend time and create memories which will last forever.  Our properties are inspected every year and receive a star rating by Visit England, we are also members of PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterers), a wonderful way to reassure you and give peace of mind when booking your stay.
Every year Cornish Holiday donate to Cancer Research UK and by staying with us helps fund vital research.

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